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Twas The Night Before Christmas – A Real Estate Parody

(Originally posted December 24, 2010.)

Twas the night before Christmas and all though the land,
The real estate market was in need of a hand.
The Realtors had properties all listed with care,
In hopes that home buyers soon would appear.

“Where are the buyers?” they all would complain,
When no one is buying, it’s we who feel pain!
When look who appeared! Could this be real?
Mortgage Planner Warren pulling up in his, um…automobile.

“Warren, you’re wonderful when closing our loans!
But not many people are even calling our phones!”
Warren smiled at us and encouragingly said,
“It’s up to us to make this housing recovery spread.
Many buyers are still skittish and fear the economy’s health.
In truth, they have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

“Come closer and listen. If you want to be best,
I’ll share this simple secret to your future success.
If you want to succeed, and become real estate giants,
Remember to always do what’s best for your clients.
WOW your buyers and sellers. Don’t let this ring hollow
For when you put your client first, the money will follow.”

“Success will be ours when we work hard and hustle.
And I’m committed to helping you all be successful!”

“On Citi! On Wells Fargo! On US Bank and on Chase!
On Bank of America! On Astoria! We must make haste!
We have loans to close! They’re depending on me!
Together we can create a housing market recovery!”

Warren winked and he smiled; then put his car into gear,
But before driving away, one more statement did we hear.
“Those mortgage thieves and crooks are now all in jail.
And the best realtors no longer want to work with people in retail.”
We heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
“Every month can be Christmas – if we build our business right!”

Since 1992, Warren Goldberg has helped thousands of clients own their homes, refinance their mortgages, restructure their debts, and invest in real estate. Warren is known for his wide knowledge of mortgage products and wealth-creation strategies.

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