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What Was Your Most Memorable Halloween?

(SIDEBAR:  Apologies from the Web Master from publishing this late.)


For over 10 years, I’ve written about the mortgage industry and how we’ve helped our clients use their mortgage to build wealth.  However, to get into the upcoming holiday season, I thought I would change it up and do something just for fun.


Originally called All Hallow’s Day, Halloween has evolved into a children’s celebration filled with activities including costumes, trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, Halloween parties, and haunted attractions.


Do you recall a memorable Halloween?  Was it especially fun or scary?  Perhaps it was your toddler’s first Halloween.  Or maybe you dressed your dog in a costume.


If your experience was especially interesting or unique, please share it with me!  If you allow me to use your name and share your experience with my readers, the winner with the best story will receive a $50.00 AMEX Gift Card.



What Was Your Most Memorable Halloween?

Our Winning Story!


The winner with the Most Memorable Halloween Story was received from a past client of mine.  His story was the most unique, outrageous, and certainly the most memorable of all the stories I received!


While in college, Michael wanted to win Best Costume at his fraternity party.  So he and his girlfriend decided to dress up as…well…male and female genitalia.  Use your imagination.


Michael admits the costumes were very imaginative and realistic.  He and his girlfriend were the hits of the party and they won the Best Costume Award!  However, the story doesn’t end there.


Most of us can attest to doing stupid things in our youth.  Michael and his girlfriend were no exception.  The next day was Halloween.  Michael and his girlfriend decided to go trick-or-treating with their college friends through the residential neighborhood surrounding the college.  (Read – families with young children.)  Apparently, one of the homeowners or parent chaperones did not appreciate their costumes as much as his college peers and called the police.  Michael and his girlfriend were arrested for indecent exposure and for endangering the welfare of children.


Thankfully, Michael and his girlfriend had no prior record; and technically, they really were not exposed.  All charges were dropped and they were let off with a stern warning.


Congratulations Michael Costa for being the winner of this month’s $50.00 AMEX Gift Card!  Yours was the most outrageously memorable, and certainly most embarrassing story.  And thank you for being a good sport in letting me share it.


Warren Goldberg is President of Mortgage Wealth Advisors, a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist®, and a published author. His interviews include Blog-Talk Radio, Newsday, The Daily News, Anton Press, and the Long Island Herald. Since 1992, he’s been sharing his financial knowledge and wealth-building strategies, including how to properly use your mortgage as a financial tool. His clients regularly express their trust and appreciation by recommending friends and family call when in need of mortgage, real estate, and financial guidance.

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