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The All In One™ Loan Revolutionizes the Approach to Debt Management and Personal Finance!



With mortgage rates rising, most lenders are focusing on ways to increase volume, bank profits, and the amount of interest payments borrowers will pay.  Yet, almost no one is focusing on helping borrowers pay less interest on their mortgage so that they can invest more on their wealth-building strategies!  At Mortgage Wealth Advisors, Inc., it’s been our Guiding Principle and always part of our culture to show our clients how to use their mortgage wisely as part of an integrated financial plan to build wealth over time.


Keeping consistent with our Company’s Values,
Mortgage Wealth Advisors, Inc. is proud to introduce the All In One™,
a proprietary mortgage designed to
combine home financing and personal banking
into one fluid financial tool.
For many people, this is a revolutionary new concept!


The All In One™:

  • Bundles home finance and personal banking into one account!
  • Rather than banks becoming wealthy from your interest payments, it’s designed to help YOU save on interest!
  • All deposits are applied towards principal first, which reduces the outstanding daily balance on which interest is computed. This reduces borrowers’ balances faster and means less interest paid.*
  • Can significantly reduce the total cost of a financed property, all without changing your budget, spending habits, or lifestyle.
  • By reducing mortgage interest payments, your income dollars can be re-allocated towards your other important financial goals.
  • The All In One™ provides a variety of benefits not offered with conventional financing. It offers instant liquidity in ways that traditional mortgages or even home equity lines of credit cannot.
  • The All In One™ is fully reversible; extra principal paid can be retrieved anytime, which solves a major problem inherent in trying to accelerate traditional “one-direction” mortgages.
  • Provides you the ability to access the money within your home’s equity when you need to, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for 30 years, all without refinancing!


The All In One™ can be an attractive option primarily because the borrower can make payments to pay down the principal instead of the interest.  As more funds are applied towards the principal, the lower outstanding daily balance reduces the amount of calculated daily interest.*  Yet, because these payments are into the borrower’s own hybrid “mortgage/checking account,” the borrower still has the use of their money if needed.  This flexibility and liquidity gives the borrower all the benefits of paying back the mortgage quickly, but also the benefits of having their funds available to utilize via their All In One™ account!

Even when keeping the monthly mortgage payment the same, a borrower will pay down the actual principal of the mortgage more rapidly, since the part of the monthly payment that goes to the interest will be smaller.  By paying principal first, borrowers pay down their mortgage faster!

Similar products have been available to consumers around the world for years.  Now the All In One™ is available in New York.  Contact me to discuss whether the All In One™ is right for you.


* Each night at midnight, the principal loan balance is multiplied by the fully indexed rate and then divided by the days in the year (365).  That provides a daily interest fee. Monthly interest payments are calculated by totaling each day’s interest once the month has ended.


Warren Goldberg is President of Mortgage Wealth Advisors, a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist®, and a published author. His interviews include Blog-Talk Radio, Newsday, The Daily News, Anton Press, and the Long Island Herald. Since 1992, he’s been sharing his financial knowledge and wealth-building strategies, including how to properly use your mortgage as a financial tool. His clients regularly express their trust and appreciation by recommending friends and family call when in need of mortgage, real estate, and financial guidance.

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